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flirt // a photographic approach towards people
and a reflection on photography as a medium

how do I photograph people / how do I communicate my interest / how do I deal with the
changes to the original situation caused by my presence / how do I construct photographs of
people / what does a person’s photograph reveal / how do I interpret - read - photographs / ...

Both the production and the interpretation of photographs are complex processes. Within the
image a subjective perception of the surrounding reality gets transformed into a personal
message. This individual statement gets subjectively interpreted by the viewer. In the knowledge
of this tension I see photography as a medium to reflect on reality. In addition, there is an
inevitable and complex tangle of factors, for example personal, social, ideological and economic,
in both the construction and the interpretation of an image.

flirt explores possible approaches to photographic representations of people. Inspired by
playful communication, the title refers as well to the tension generated by a desire for
closeness and an intuitive respect for boundaries balanced with each other in framing
a photographic encounter.

To make students more sensitive towards their own photographic intention and the precise
use of visual tools are fundamental topics of this workshop.