The Essence of Imagery - Intensive seminar on image analysis while visiting an exhibition

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Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin

Date and Venue :

Diane Arbus at Gropius-Bau

Saturday 08. September 11:00 - 16:00 // Meeting point : Main entrance Gropius-Bau

The seminar will last for approx. 5 hours.

At the beginning of the visit to the exhibition I will introduce the oeuvre of Diane Arbus.
I will guide a small group of 5 - 7 participants through the exhibition. Starting from my
own personal interpretation I will encourage a discussion about the images.

Speaking about images, transforming one`s individual impulse of perception into
general terms and to communicate these is a core aspect in the production of art.
Exhibition visits are important occasions for both, getting ideas and to locate one`s own
work in the historic canon. This helps to approach the essence of an oeuvre. Thus a
straight connection of the well established and exhibited work to each individual career
gets originated.

The goal is to gain the ability of explaining photography`s compositional effects by
discursively reflecting on an exhibition in order to apply these discoveries to one`s own
work. It is helpful to speak not only about one`s own photographs but also about images
that have influenced contemporary photography through their quality and significance.
Building on these capacities we learn to elaborate an individual artistic articulation
and to communicate it with terms that are familiarly known.

You can register for this seminar at the end of August at Neue Schule für Fotografie.